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Sri  Amma Bhagawan Sharanam

Short Stories from my new book yet to be published

Towards the end of 2015, I published a book under the title: SHORT STORIES FOR YOUNG READERS: FOR PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT - BOOK 1 powered by This book had several fictional stories of mine to emphasize how certain factors help one shape one's personality. 


However, around the same time, I had also been researching on the lives of several heros in different fields how the same factors had helped them succeed in their life and become popular. Their true stories were very inspiring to me and I decided that I must write about them through another book.


Today's youth need all the support, encouragement and learning from wherever they are available. Having taken up "Youth Development" as my single objective during my retired days and doing whatever in my capacity and through my L.N.Charitable Trust, I now present my second book on the same topic: SHORT STORIES FOR YOUNG READERS: FOR PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT - BOOK 2.


The new book will contain a set of real life stories of successful people within a story of Sakthi, a student, whose meeting with Paramanand as a fellow traveler in the train helps change all his perception about life, success and happiness.


I hope you all enjoy reading this book too. The stories will appear as a serial periodically. Please write to me about your views and comments to:


Books are great gifts. Gift a book today to a child.


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